New episode:(22.season)

MoneyBART-Oct. 10

Jul 8, 2009

316 Bart the Lover

When a yo-yo craze sweeps over Springfield Elementary School, Bart's inept yo-yo happens to break a fish tank, killing the class goldfish. Edna Krabappel sentences Bart to a month of detention, Bart decides to write phony love letters to her under the guise of a man who responded to her personal ad.

315 Homer Alone

The family's dependence on Marge causes Marge to suffer a nervous breakdown during her early morning errands, and decides to go to a spa resort to calm down. Homer, meanwhile has to care for the troublesome Maggie while Bart and Lisa spend their time with their spinster aunts, Patty and Selma.

Jul 2, 2009

314 Lisa the Greek

Homer begins to bond with Lisa after learning her unique and convenient ability to pick winning American football teams. When Lisa finds out Homer has only been using her for gambling, she refuses to speak to her father until he fully understands her.

313 Radio Bart

When Bart's birthday party turns into a disaster Bart uses an AM radio Homer gave him to play pranks on others citizens. He decides to throw a radio down an old well and tricks the town into thinking a little boy is stuck in it.Sting is special guest.

Jul 1, 2009

312 I Married Marge

After worrying that she may yet again be pregnant, Marge to drive to Dr. Hibbert's office. While anxiously waiting, Homer begins to tell Bart, Lisa, and Maggie about how he and Marge got married at a quickie wedding chapel, and how he attempted to prove to Marge's sisters that he can provide for their upcoming child.

311 Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwer

Homer learns he stock in the Nuclear Plant skyrockets amid rumors of a takeover meaning that all the workers get rich, except for Homer who has sold his for a mere $25 and fears that he'll lose his job.